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Thursday, February 23, 2012


A naughty smile
A hasty question
truant ways
growing concerns
my son grows
Let not the laughter fade
and playfulness die
I am not alone
I have you my son

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Epitome of happiness

My toddler this morning
I watched him
running around
Playing truant
in playful innocence
Full of laughter and joyfulness
Little does he know
the depth of his existence
my epitome of happiness
and my strength of being
He keeps playing tirelessly
I sit back and rejoice in silence
I smile at him

Friday, May 27, 2011

a son's question

My son walked up to me
this morning over breakfast
and innocently quizzed me
with an spontaneous question
I brushed it off momentarily
Should I say it was silly?
He turned and walked away
and got into his infantile plays
It did not matter to him
that he did not get an answer
But somehow
the question kept ringing in me
over and over again
only to reveal a deeper depth
in a seemingly childish question
and when I contemplated an answer
I realized, I did not have one

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Apple of my eyes

Cuddled in my arms
eyes closed
in puerile snores
and faint whispers
sleeps my little one
I lend a gaze
in blessed grace
I see myself
so much in him
I run my fingers
through his silky locks
the envy of many mothers
wavy and sweat stained
from playing truant
the entire day
exhausted, spent
now, he sleeps
in beauty
even in slumber
I am lost gracing
the youthful charms
every day you grow
and I see myself in you
in you lies my everything
You are the apple of my eyes
May all good things come your way

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My bundle of joy

The tiny hands
that once rocked the cradle
to my joy and laughter

The softened voice
that now calls me apa
and quizzes me
with queer queries

The restive  toddler
clutching on to me
like a shadow
tagging along
at my heels

The cheerful face
that hails my return home
every time
in elation
gratifications to relish

The truant
playing many tricks
and pranks
heightening the mother’s

are the laps
down the memory lane
run by the apple of my eyes,
my bundle of joy
my joy for ever

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bon voyage

Walk the paths I have trodden
I have tested it only for you
Tread on the paths with softened care
Roses and thorns lie strewn everywhere
Fear not to tread on the impaling thorns
Nor be happy to step on the tempting roses
Learn to stride all paths just the same
Indifferent to happiness and sadness

Be not fatigued by the voyage run
Nor be weary of the steps yet ahead
Cherish the life’s race in humble stride
And look back in candid thankfulness
For its just once to run the life’s race
With the choice of two roads to take
Do not falter in the choices you make
You cannot undo the journey done

Grapple the storms mired to stall your way
Stand up to temptations leading you astray
Tread on with the eloquence of a flowing river
for the cherry blossoms of the happy ending sail
The reflections of your emblazoned dreams
shall render me the endless reasons to smile
to grace your footprints in the sands of time
Bon voyage, my sons, may you tread on my dreams well