Sunday, October 31, 2010

The countdown
The clock ticking every seconds,
The year somehow had passed;
a fortnight and a day more to go
in the final countdown of your arrival.
though the setting sun had risen,
and the rising sun had set;
The waiting albeit had been long;
The time is here for you to come;
come to the place where you belong
our home wherein we are to make,
our promises therein, we are to cherish,
The journey of life herein we are to tread,
The togetherness that will lead on.
The countdown eases my waiting;
The sacrifice a year has cost,
The faith the year has not diminished,
Though the year for me had been tough
and the paths without you so rough.
yet my solemn swearings are still strong
my conscience for you is still clear
you are being waited, my dear

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Market meeting

Flocks of people
engaged their ways
trotted by unnoticed
at a snail's pace
all amidst the moment
my roving glance
your shying away look
head over heels
its infatuation.

Friday, October 29, 2010


One size that fits all
keep away from crime that you must
why cry over spilled milk

without a title

Though dumb the mouth
and still the body.
yet never barren
is the brain

Thoughts upon thoughts,
rises and sets
woven into words,
on the lips

I understand
the misunderstandings,
of empty emotions,
I pen the pain.

Blank thoughts

Myriad thoughts arise
as I sink into the chair
Silence echoes loud
voices choke the throat
heart beats your name.

I muster my courage
and employ the pen
to weave the verse
born in your thoughts

I sit
for quite so long
shaping the thoughts
but alas, woe betide
all I find
is the paper blank.