Sunday, August 28, 2011

keeping afloat

Kicking hard
to stay afloat
not to sink
but for someone
who can’t
play the water
and ride the tides
to ones advantage
keeping afloat is
near impossible
external forces
quite  strong
and I sink
unlike a few
in an eternal abyss

Saturday, August 27, 2011


cast some light
reveal me
illuminate my  soul
define my being
I don’t know myself

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Life demands
more than just living
in moments and hours
in days and nights

Life demands
Being more
Living more
Wanting more
and doing more

Life demands
hearing the silence
Searching the unfound
Knowing the unknown
Reaching the stars
and even beyond

the gaze
the haze
the laze
stalls the quest
and yet weakened

the plaguing denials
the blinding truths
veiled in darkness
the irony of the reality
the disillusionment
flamed and shamed

We only care to stare
but don't dare

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Am I a bore?
a dim wit?
Good-for- nothing?

Well, I am
Just what I am
How I was created

Love me
If you must
As a person who I am

Not as
Who I should be
And what you like me to be

For I cannot change
the masterpiece of the creator
to your likes and dislikes

Friday, August 19, 2011

a dream not my own

Do I not have a dream
to call it my very own?

How could I survive
cherishing somebody
else’s dream?

Ah, let me wake up
to the illusive realities
than live in somebody’s dream

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On her deathbed

Here lies she
on her death bed
Dangling between life and death
In a dilemma of shattered hopes
Memories saturated with
Infidelities, hostilities
and deception

Who doesn’t fear death?
And indubitably she is afraid to die
And yet not keen to breathe alive
I can see that she is broken
She is consciously unconscious
she weeps and she cries
if only sobs and tears could touch hearts
if only grief could mend ways

She was never sick
Her health never betrayed her
Happiness was all that she sought in life
Smiles always donned her happy face
Till the blows of infidelity knocked her cold
She lost her senses then and called it quits
Seeking death that was even unwilling to come
And thus her life hangs between death and living

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A single tear

She stood there
Lost completely
in thoughtfulness
Everyone wept
but not she
She shed no tears
She did not cry
stone hearted

I wondered
If she knew no sadness
If she had no room for grief
For the corpse on the pyre
and her mother’s departed soul
She remained transfixed
in a deep reverie
trying hard to understand
and accept
the realities dawning on her
In all its coldness
And finally
a single tear drop fell

Some loss
Are so huge
Some sorrows
Cannot be expressed
just a single tear
expresses it all

Friday, August 5, 2011

Itched to write
A recluse of thoughts
lie entwined
almost lost
at the waking emotions
The heart craves
for an awakening
and ere the thoughts fade
I put my fingers to keys
have way with words
and throw together
Silly sentences
Failing often times
yet catching circle
in hungry air
My page fills
Searching eloquence
in expressiveness
A plain scribbler
that I am
and no less
for the itch to write

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The dainty flower that blossoms today
Exuding fragrance and exquisite beauty
alluring the straying butterfly
Will wither to nothingness

The rainbow that curves the horizon
Shading in great magnificence
Captivating unknown hearts
Will vanish to oblivion
any moment

The shapely reddened apples
Sparkling ripe in the reaps of labour
Veering low the boughs in prosperity
Will be detached to fall

Name and fame, Power and pelf
The desire of every glorious soul
 A key to greatness in being
will crumble down  

Beauty and charm
That so captivates the beholder
And infatuates many a hearts
Will yield to wrinkles

The melodious songs of the nightingale
Warbled pleasantly from the woods
Soft and soothing to the soul
Will  come to an end

The greenness of the meadow
Where the squirrels dance and play
And bees and butterflies buzz around
Will turn grey
at the fall

The sun that radiates the universe
Shining rays of  winning smiles
In the warmth of its glory
will sink  beyond the horizon
at the end of the day

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tears tell the tale

image source:
When emotions run amok
and feelings go amiss
Sorrows saturate into tears
Venting an out-pour
Tears wet the eyes
drowns the heart
Every teardrop
Has its story to tell
Every tear fall
Falls heavy with a pain
and breaks a sweet dream

Tears don’t move some hearts
cold and void of warmth
Some hearts don't perceive
the depth of words
I won't lament my tears
Let it flow to hollow abyss
of regrets and remorse
Let hearts break
and dreams fade
I won’t care
Life is a paradox
Tears don’t move hearts
Tears are thinner than blood

Monday, August 1, 2011

Feather in the wind

Image credit: Jesus Gutierrez Gomez via Flickr
at times high
other times low
like dandelions in the air
my mind wanders
far and wide
a feather in the wind

in multitude of thoughts
vexed in its profanity
fully pent up
swirling pukes of insanity
vying for a vent of outpour
ah! an absurd existence

Pleasing words
echoing sweetness
lug confusions at times
even the charming face
puckers the want of expression
for the "saddest thoughts"
and the "sweetest songs"

and sadness
are the dividers of life
weighed on a seesaw
life, a centre peg
must hold in place
the varied verities

the everyday angst
sing the insipid lyrics
seeking the grace of god
to imbue the sporadic chasms
Mend the dizzying spasms
while the mind still flutters
a feather in the wind