Friday, December 31, 2010


The dew drops
on the blades
of wintry grass
are not mere drops of water

the gift of the night
the glory of the dawn
the onset of
yet another day

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rainbows vanished
mighty tides ebbed
You are gone too
without any last words

Thoughts mar my soul
Silence mocks at my visage
Darkness looms
though dusk is yet to fall

I question the reality
as I seek the truth
I doubt my choices
I chase your voices

Am I bamboozled
For my blokeish ways
For the bore that I am
or the idiocy of a dimwit

I vent my thoughts
I squeeze out my words
I barter my emotions
For a piece of poem

Save me my plight
Show up to my  delight
Lest some hard lines flow
As I lay crestfallen

Monday, December 13, 2010

sans You

I am still the rainbow
sans the hues

I am still the food
sans the taste

I am still the night
sans its darkness

I am still the day
sans its glory

I am still the stars
sans its twinkle

I am still the moon
sans its eclipse

I am still the sun
sans its radiance

I am still the bird
 sans its chirps

I am still the song
sans the melodies

I am still me
sans YOU

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sweet nothings
I have been
glued to my sofa
for hours on end now
my eyes weary
still gazes at the screen
my fingers numb
pecks the letters
I dillydally
I  murmur
my  sweet nothings

distanced by realities
and dissociated by veils
I have known you
understood you
felt you near
and felt your feelings too
seen your happiness
and your smiles
even your  wrath at times
the vastness of your thoughts
the verbosity of your expression
the verity of your affections
the warmth of your heart
and the depth of your love
all through your  words
that transports me
to some unknown realms
of  magical dreams
Shall I call it
a paradise of love?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good night
you declared
in the midst of our tete a tete
that you needed
to retire for the night
and you bade me
good night

I wished that you stayed
a little longer
that we prolonged
we nattered
and whispered
our  sweet nothings
for some more time
but you have errands to run
and tasks to be done
you had to rise early
I could not ask you to stay
I bid you good night
my heart was unwilling

Sleep eludes me now
thoughts keep me awake
the night is still young
and I am all alone
the songs carry on
I stare
into the dark night
darkness engulfs me
my thoughts wander
my life is paused
have I lost the moment?

Never mind
i comfort myself
I will look ahead
for a better tomorrow
to relive our sweet nothings
I say my prayers
I lie down
close my eyes
my thoughts  still wander
I count the sheep
I toss and turn

Friday, December 3, 2010

Museless musings

No ponderings off late
Life is quite slow in its gait

No hues I see in the rainbow
Life is sans its aesthetic  glow

No charm I behold  in the heavenly realms
Nor grandeur in the gentle rippling streams

No meanings in the twists of the life’s tale
Nor serenity in the soft blowing gale

No blend of lyrical chords to sing
No flights of fantasy on its wing

No melody in the nightingale’s song
No making out what is right and wrong

No thoughts can I weave into verse
Huh, the burden of these muse less curse

My inner musings are dolefully down
My mood mutated from frolic to frown

Huh, is the poet within  me dead?
Have we our goodbyes aptly said?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Broken dreams
Cigarette buds
empty bottles of booze
and broken dreams lie strewn
Here, there, everywhere
Like the fallen wintry leaves
Discarded, forgotten forever

Why hit the bottle?
Why puff away the life?
Why tune some unsung songs?
I don’t know, I own no riposte
I was customized to life’s proclivities
even before realization dawned on me

Lending ears to the fading songs of a wind chime
I chased the rainbows in a mirage
Never realizing that peace was a fugitive indeed
I fell in love with a silhouette on the horizon
I nurtured these fragile oblivious dreams
only to let it slither, only to let it fall apart

Friday, November 19, 2010

In poetic mood again
I have bid the summer goodbye.
Winter is now whispering in sight.
I wish the winter to retire soon,
Its parting shall herald the harbinger
of a joyous union and togetherness,
for which I have the longing.

This quest must cruise to a halt.
I am getting tired,
traversing the sands of time
with a steady gait of life,
along the  slippery path,
a tribute of turmoil
of a distant onward march
of physical hardship and toil,
that often my aging bones fail,
yet I do not yield to failure.
With hopes within I struggle.
I expect the unexpected.
In the worst, I find my strength.
I advance,
with you in my heart.

I am fighting the nightmare of loneliness.
I am drowning in a sea of thoughts,
of sweet memories of togetherness.
and the reservations
of the trivial misgivings,
rises in pensive verse.
I am in my poetic mood again
and I see you in my poem.

Amidst all the complexities;
I have realized the reality.
Life is indeed a bittersweet journey.
and I often sing the blues,
but my anxieties remain,
to see life's youthful hue.
The silver lining in every cloud.
that time would run its course,
that one day I would have lived all days,
through thick and thin,
It would be the day then,
the day I would have waited for,
the day you would have waited too.
A day of homecoming
to be with you.

Till then,
with pensive thoughts to cherish,
 in poetic moods I remain.
A stranger amongst the strangers
in a place stranger than ever.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smile cuts
 The twists and the turns
of the soft tender lips,
glossed in subtle shades of pink,
in  gentle mesmerizing curves,
shaped to a sheepish  grin,
in glorified feminine hues
is so bewitchingly cast;
The seraphic dimples swaying
the charming cherubic cheek;
and the ruby eyes shying away,
at my agape bewildered  gaze;
makes my heart flutter.
Ah! My heart thumps,
in an unusual enchanted bliss.
I am spellbound,
unable to comprehend,
the depth of your smile.
for I cannot interpret
the language of the lips.
Oh heavens!
Do not smile please,
It's cutting my delicate heart

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midterm mood

The midterm mood has started to set in
I am beginning to see life in things again
Days, I had kept a count on my fingers tips,
Nights, I have been dreaming of my ever sweet home.
The countdown finally brings solace to my heart
The steps taken till here, I shall for once retrace
To see within a fortnight my sweet home again.
The shackles of the training shall be removed then,
albeit only for a month.
No early risings then, no classes of physical toils to make
No duplex transactions amongst friends to give and take;
No rush over the choice of boiled eggs to make;
No good and bad moods of friends to see.
I shall get to live the life I like to live,
a month in recess, I shall drink it to the lees.
My failing body will get some rest at last,
The frustration and the cynicism shall soon fade fast,
Though my down sized belly might its size regain
Though the stamina regained might be lost again
and back to the square I might have to bargain
Yet I shall still remain a happier man,
For home shall always a home remain.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wind chime
The wind chimes tinkled
moved by the gentle breeze
ringing out musical notes
in orchestration
sweet songs in the air
profound, pleasing and gentle
soothing to this ears

The wind chimes bleat
the sweetness of memories
humbled hopes of happiness
new dimensions in dreams
prosperity in thoughts
my being enhanced
even my shadows glare

but the breeze blows past
moves the chimes to a halt
songs end, music dies down
melody fades into darkness
happiness to oblivion
only the memories remain
ah! will it die down too?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Forsaken fool

As I was trailing
down the life’s lane
I caught up
this lass
also making the journey
and we trailed along

The journey
turned interesting
my heart sang
my steps much lighter
this time
I was afloat
and I realized it was
her company
that was making
my walking

I thanked my stars
for the company
and wished
she was just as happy
making the journey
with me
and as I trailed along
down my life’s
unwinding journey
in her company
I asked her
for her friendship as well

Did I ask for anything more?
Did she mean it anything less?
Ah, some questions need no answers
We have parted our ways
and I am carrying on
all alone
a forsaken fool

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kudi Punjab Di

The bugle tolled the end of a yet another day
and hostel bound as I was winding up my way,
lost in dismal thoughts long gone astray
My tired eyes did not fail to see
A soni kudi Punjab di* when crossed by me
With a friend and engaged in a talk,
Perhaps she was out for an evening walk.
So much grandeur and beauty even in her stalk
Joy and laughter, much had her youthful face to show
While not a tint of sorrow could be seen on her brow
Oh! how much I yearned to walk up to her
and introduce myself and start a friendship dear
But alas, the courage within me could not be found
As my cowardice simply kept me bound
While she not caring even to throw a look around
carried on unawares with her usual round.
The passing opportunity I could not catch
But  I have her face to remember and the smile to match
I watched and watched and still watched some more
Long after my sight could catch her no more.
* Beautiful girl of Pujab

Friday, November 5, 2010

The crossed path
Here I am in a distant faraway place.
a vagabond by nature and without a saving grace
and this girl i meet gives me a hidden glance,
and I am left to understand this sheer chance.

Her grandpa tells me that she is married,
so said her mother and her sisters too,
but she insists on that she was never married,
and I do not understand what is actually true.

I feel her white haired grandpa will never lie,
her mother and sisters too will not lie by and by.
Then why is it that she fervently lies,
oh, it's hard to understand those silent sighs.

I wonder if she is just joking with me.
or that she is simply mocking at me.
Is it that she is just flirting with me.
or is it that she is indirectly wooing me.

Her youthful face to me seems somehow cute,
and her speech when she talks is almost mute.
Her shying away smile is worth its plight,
for it has disturbed this heart's peace of delight.

My friends are taking chances to woo her,
and I too can't help stealing certain glances at her.
While it's true that opposite poles attract each other:
I only wish that my delicate heart would not falter.

I asked her that if she would go with me,
Her reply was affirmative with utmost glee,
I wish she would know that she is so young,
and that to someone else, I already belong.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friendship under facade

Two individuals
wearing different facades,
of veiled identities
stumbled upon each other
one day,
along life’s winding journey
through the sands of time
and  started a friendship
over a brief acquaintance,
in charmed  anonymity.

Unknown each to the other
Total strangers were they,
Known only by the guise,
They sailed along.
Never to be thawed by reasons
Nor be vexed by seasons,
Their friendship soared
in amiable curiosity
and pleasant serenity,
Their persona sacrificed
for friendship under the façade.

Treasuring sweetness beneath the veils,
They cherished knowing the unknown,
They despised removing their veils
for should the veil be removed
The façade would disappear
into the bitter woes of reality
and reality can be hurtful at times.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life is a memory

Life is all memory
set amidst
the complexities
of time
for the brief moment
at hand
and that too
escaping into the past
in gradual leaps,
to be
memories of tomorrow.