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Friday, April 15, 2011


You came
through the clouds
your smile
dispelled  the darkness
you said the words
i longed to hear
since ages
you led me by my hands
and i tagged along
ever so happily
bereft of the hustle
and the bustle
we danced in the clouds
the moon smiled on us
the earth far below
there was only us
you embraced me
and planted
a tender kiss 
on my cheek
i was almost melting 
in your arms
when I woke up
from my slumber
What a dream it was
Ah! Dreams are indeed 
sweeter than realities

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I know that you are gone
quite far to ever come back
it’s no use waiting
cherishing the empty dreams
yet I haven’t quit the endless waits
its for you to decide now
if you should ever come back
I am just waiting
Should I wait till eternity?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midterm mood

The midterm mood has started to set in
I am beginning to see life in things again
Days, I had kept a count on my fingers tips,
Nights, I have been dreaming of my ever sweet home.
The countdown finally brings solace to my heart
The steps taken till here, I shall for once retrace
To see within a fortnight my sweet home again.
The shackles of the training shall be removed then,
albeit only for a month.
No early risings then, no classes of physical toils to make
No duplex transactions amongst friends to give and take;
No rush over the choice of boiled eggs to make;
No good and bad moods of friends to see.
I shall get to live the life I like to live,
a month in recess, I shall drink it to the lees.
My failing body will get some rest at last,
The frustration and the cynicism shall soon fade fast,
Though my down sized belly might its size regain
Though the stamina regained might be lost again
and back to the square I might have to bargain
Yet I shall still remain a happier man,
For home shall always a home remain.