Thursday, June 23, 2011

Epitome of happiness

My toddler this morning
I watched him
running around
Playing truant
in playful innocence
Full of laughter and joyfulness
Little does he know
the depth of his existence
my epitome of happiness
and my strength of being
He keeps playing tirelessly
I sit back and rejoice in silence
I smile at him

Monday, June 20, 2011

Who am I?

You called me
A bore
A dimwit
What names
Have you not called me?

was it out of love?
A jest of mockery
or in  a tint of anger
Never mind the names
Just tell me
Who am I actually?
Have I lost my identity?

Friday, June 17, 2011

God's own ways

I see not the moon tonight
Even the stars are keeping away
Darkness is all I can feel around
and it’s almost engulfing me

I can see my end looming near
The whispering calls of death I can hear
and the dreaded beckoning stare
to strike its hammer on my life so dear

ere the blooming roses withered 
and the rainbow faded to nothingness
ere the sun sank beyond the horizon
My odyssey of life is nearing its end

I wish not to live a hundred years
and laze in the eternal realms of earth
My wishes are not for a kingly crown
Not all the happiness can excite me

All I wish is just another usual day
another moment, another breath
but I must exit ere my time is nigh
God has his own divine ways

NB: This one is prompted by a dear one who is on his death bed waiting for his end.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Heart melts in your beauty
Head is stuffed with poetry
Somehow, words elude me
though thoughts are copious
I vie for vent of expressions
for the glory of the nature

Friday, June 10, 2011

soul searching
for answers
to void questions
pent up feelings
obliviously coiled
Silence sans echo
digs  deeper
into nothingness
Looking beyond
Looking close
I search  
what I cannot find
that I have never lost
Life flickers
like a brief candle
A dilemma
around every corner
glare and flare
I take further on
for a new dawn
I reach the end line

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fleeting moments
Flowers bloom and wither
Leaves fall, trees wane
Dreams die,
Rainbows vanish
even the mighty sun
shies away
beyond the  horizon
Everyday ebbs
to nothingness
Nothing holds
except impermanence
laughing in mockery
at humans running
the life’s busy race
in blindness
Callous greed and fallow dreams
Hostilities at its height
bent even to cut the  other’s  throat 
for a singular gain
Humanity galloping away
Every men and women
thoughtless outlanders
oblivious of the choices
the two roads in the woods offer
that we reap as we sow
with every fleeting moment
life nears its end
Some day
Sooner than later
to embrace dear death
in all its icy coldness
Are we prepared?
Do we not need
to mend our ways now?
Will death be pleasant?

Monday, June 6, 2011

berserk thoughts
My thoughts are going berserk day by day
with neither news nor a hearty call from you;
in frenzied activities while way leads onto way,
in anticipation, I am singing the blues

This rift is slowly running out my patience,
It's hard to understand this frantic life.
Lend vent of voice to this deepened silence,
It cuts this forlorn heart like a knife.

Do not let my smile turn to frowns,
Let me the last bits of my laughter save.
Do not make me a clown among the clowns,
You are all in this world I have.

Rekindle my life with a call so sweet;
This longing I have is taxing me a lot.
My love is all, I shall sacrifice for it,
Only support me to row this life’s boat.

Your inspiration now, I earnestly desire to seek,
Cheer me up to run this life’s race.
Do not let my heart go weak and meek.
Do not leave me a stranger in a strange place.

PS: I came across this poem that i had scribbled years ago  in a dusty note book

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rocking music from the corner,
Played and replayed by the DJ
of ephemeral rock and pop,
in the hall sparklingly lit,
Never stopping shadowy figures,
Robed in myriad attires to suit,
In singles, doubles and multiples,
toiling to sweat their guts out.
Intoxicated by the rollicking time,
restless limbs in ceaseless motion,
treading invariably to no destination,
Practiced pace in pitched laughter,
swinging scene in smoky air;
‘Tis much ado of the couples’ dance
and sure enough the bonkus’ chance.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In short

Flipping through the pages of time
I wandered across my twisted mind
Pondering the pangs of a broken heart
I stumbled on some wrinkled dreams
Can I iron out its crumpled creases?
Can I begin the story all over again?
How do I put my feelings to words?
The clouds are full of wrath and rain