Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thistles and thorns

Life is incomplete
Even in its total perfections
Without the misgivings

A rose is still wanting
in its fragrant charms
Without the thorns

Happiness and sadness
Are the thistles and thorns
Like the days and nights

Thistles and thorns
Are the part of life
The essence of all sentience

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Dog Poops

A bastard pooch
son of a bitch
squats on all its fours
in perfect symmetry
fore limbs locked
hind limbs Z shaped
retaining the stability
absorbing the  shock
its spine curled in an arch
perchance for easy discharge
shoulders held back
head looking from side to side
ensuring no rear obstructions
ears drooping low, tail erect
eyes almost closed
and so poops out its crap thus

The holy shit
in all its glory
like a sausage
almost mouth watering
hot and fresh
grilled and tanned
peeps out just a little
retaining itself almost inside
the homely intestines
refusing to budge
and gush out the anal door

The fanged canine toils
shitty faced and  spent
struggles it all out
tasking all adipose
from head to the toes
and yet all the while
just a piece  droops out
and hangs precariously
the stray vagabond
in all its uneasiness
in all difficulty struggles
fighting against
an everyday process
so easy otherwise
but failing this time
It prays and probably thinks
“Come on shit, fall out fast
for heaven’s sake
Spare me
Spare my sphincter”
Can’t someone help
the poor soul
out of the crappy misery?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It was not to be
but destiny had its plans
for your happiness

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When are you coming?

When are you coming?
It’s been only a while
That you are gone
But it already seems
Like it’s been ages

Come back soon
I can’t walk the paths alone
I can’t trust the strangers
That I meet on the way
I seek your unfailing company

The nights are long and eerie
Even my shadow fades in the dark
Everything is cold around
Won’t you come back soon?
Loneliness is killing me

Attending to the realities around
we must run the life’s race
Let us not forget the karmic union
Hope you are coming soon
I am always waiting

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Image from google
Smoke and dust fill the air
Moans and groans heard everywhere
Destruction aplenty on the ground
Fallen bodies are everywhere found
No cries can bring the dead alive
No condolences can heal the wounds
No words can soothe the shattered lives
The wicked face of terror has gnarled
Its devilish horns have once again gored
Its brutal fangs have heartlessly clawed
to tear apart the race of humanity
Terrorists, aren’t you humans too?

Monday, July 11, 2011

I toiled my efforts
often soiling my hands
stacking piles of sands
arduously, patiently
with gentle caring touches
in mere playfulness
against every force
bringing the mounds down
not withstanding 
the slightest annoyance
and  as I labored
over and over again
the piles of sands mound to shape
a  beautiful castle breathes alive
My Taj Mahal is up
I am amused at my creation
and gaze spellbound
at the wonder of the genesis
when the waves break on the shore
unannounced, uninviting
and rolls back momentarily
leaving my castle ruined

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Am I rich or poor?

I am not rich
Like most rich men
I do not have a good bank balance
Nor do I carry a thick purse
I do not own estates
Nor posh cars and buildings
I do not have the luxury
of keeping consorts
I do not gamble at high stakes
and I do not smoke
the doubly taxed foreign fags
I am not blessed with riches
I am not rich
Like most rich men of today
But I ain’t poor either
I have a healthy body
Complete with all senses
I have a happy job
For my three square meals
I have a good night’s sleep
With sweet dreams to cherish
I have a marriage
tied in silken knots of love
and vows of faith and trust
Not of infidelities and deception
I have rich thoughts
and richer feelings and emotions
Life’s trivial problems
aren’t a big burden
I have a life worth living
What else can I wish for?
Am I rich or poor?
What are riches without happiness?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is all well?

Culture degrading
Values dying
More westernizing
Is all well?

Climate changing
Snows melting
Forests thinning
Is all well?

Crimes on rise
Peace otherwise
Unsafe all over
Is all well?

Nation in transition
Democracy young
Confusions many
Is all well?

Many impositions
Many bans
Black market
Is all well?

Many laws
Stern actions
Receipt a must
Is all well?

Father gambling
Mother drinking
Children into gangs
Is all well?

Bigger world
Narrowed mind
Is all well?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


image credit: mikko lagerste
There is no answer
in the stillness of the darkness
except the silence of the night
so ghostly frightening
even a faraway glowing light
grows faint and dimmer
The quiet wind can’t be trusted
The  stars are too far away
to light up my loneliness
I know you will not walk with me
down the eerie dark path
and acquiesce my whims
I won’t solicit your company
I am acclimatized to loneliness
I shall befriend the frightening night
Seek courage in a depth of a whiskey glass
and forge ahead into the darkness
all through, all alone

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Distant stars

Invisible winds
Wretched thoughts
A careless journey
Unavoidable truths
And the distant stars