Friday, November 25, 2011

a passing thought

Of what purpose are the name and fame?
when  life is just a briefly played game
the mundane realities one can’t disclaim
someday the inevitable death shall proclaim
what remains then for one to acclaim?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

rains & sins

Sunny, moments ago
Heaven has opened up
all so suddenly
and pours down in showers
drenches me to my skin

May it cleanse
all the sins in me

If only sins could be washed

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paused musings

I’ve been rushed off my feet
off late
I’m running around
to catch full circle
hectically hustling
on tons demanding
my attention
wondering at life
offering many errands
that must be run
nonstop unto death
off to poems for a while
I shall not pen down the lines
When I shall be free
i shall catch my thoughts
and weave it in words
But for now
It’s paused musings

Friday, September 23, 2011

fatigued thoughts

I am fatigued
thinking of you
Aren’t you tired
crossing my mind
over and over again?
Why irk ourselves
Can’t we ease the gap
and be together
than visit each other
just in thoughts

Thursday, September 22, 2011

earthquake (September 18, 2011)

The walls rattled
The showcases
The cupboards
The photo frames
and everything
that there was to rattle
The lights blacked out
Everything was cursed
in absolute murk
as the world jolted
one and all trembled
Everyone knew that it was
Saw the end was nigh
As death came knocking
Bequeathing a close call
Leaving homes crumbled
Hearts grievously tormented
and lives put on the line

Friday, September 16, 2011

Home alone

Every day I come home
Swing the door open
and step in anxiously
Hoping to find you home
but you are never there
I scour the place
And still
there is not even a trace
not even footprints
unknowingly left
I sit on the couch
all alone
hoping you will walk in
any moment
Knowing you can’t stay away
But perhaps I am wrong
The air gets eerie
Loneliness gnaws
even memories hurt
As yesterdays flash alive
and I walk out dejected
Lest I go out of my mind

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am lost totally
Betwixt two thoughts
One that says I should do it
the other asserts that I shouldn’t
I don’t know what I should do
Though I surely need to pick one
How do I resolve?
Shall I toss a coin?
Or simply close my eyes
and pick my choice in random
Huh, I can’t decide
I am at the cross roads
Of the inevitable dilemma
Unable to take the pick
What shall I do?
I don’t know
The road not taken
shall make the difference

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a hundredth poem

I have adored the elegance of the faces
Eulogized the undying glory of the graces
Even extolled the splendor of the rainbows
And lauded the symphonies of the gale
I have approved the ups and downs of life
in the many myriad musings of my heart
born of thoughts that amply  fluttered
in umpteen moods that pensively frayed
I have even crooned some oblivious tunes
often in lovelorn state of a forlorn heart
I have stolen glances and delved for words
And I shall yet acclaim the earthly dances
and not miss out the swiftly fading chances
But for now its an umpteen hundredth poem

Sunday, September 4, 2011

bogged DOWN

Tired I am running the life’s race
Forced glee and simulated exhilarations
in diverse courses and disparate pace
Often in uncommon asinine sensations

Romping life’s varied spanned game
Every day in and every day tediously out
And all the while, it’s just the same
the humdrum affairs of a life’s fallout

the greener grass on the other side
the varied temptations of the life
the ever flowing of the time and tide
will not even for a single moment thrive

there is momentary glory and bliss
in the unchained beauty of the rainbow
only that soon it shall all go amiss
all the worthless great pompous show

the exactitude of the illusive realities
the saccharine sweetness of the dreams
the derisive mocking of everyday formalities
bogs me down  to silent unsung screams

Friday, September 2, 2011

The beggar begs by the roadside
attired in tattered patched up rags
chanting some melancholic tunes
as we walk past by on the road
We care not to lend him a glance
let alone spare him a penny
We hear not his screams for alms
We understand no beggars tongue
that speaks loud even in deep silence
We know not his severed pride
and we won’t even spare a thought
the events driving him to the roads
Ah, how we look down on him
for he is a destitute and we are not
Ah, Is it wrong to be a beggar?
Who wants to be a beggar after all?