Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fleeting moments
Flowers bloom and wither
Leaves fall, trees wane
Dreams die,
Rainbows vanish
even the mighty sun
shies away
beyond the  horizon
Everyday ebbs
to nothingness
Nothing holds
except impermanence
laughing in mockery
at humans running
the life’s busy race
in blindness
Callous greed and fallow dreams
Hostilities at its height
bent even to cut the  other’s  throat 
for a singular gain
Humanity galloping away
Every men and women
thoughtless outlanders
oblivious of the choices
the two roads in the woods offer
that we reap as we sow
with every fleeting moment
life nears its end
Some day
Sooner than later
to embrace dear death
in all its icy coldness
Are we prepared?
Do we not need
to mend our ways now?
Will death be pleasant?

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