Friday, December 31, 2010


The dew drops
on the blades
of wintry grass
are not mere drops of water

the gift of the night
the glory of the dawn
the onset of
yet another day

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rainbows vanished
mighty tides ebbed
You are gone too
without any last words

Thoughts mar my soul
Silence mocks at my visage
Darkness looms
though dusk is yet to fall

I question the reality
as I seek the truth
I doubt my choices
I chase your voices

Am I bamboozled
For my blokeish ways
For the bore that I am
or the idiocy of a dimwit

I vent my thoughts
I squeeze out my words
I barter my emotions
For a piece of poem

Save me my plight
Show up to my  delight
Lest some hard lines flow
As I lay crestfallen

Monday, December 13, 2010

sans You

I am still the rainbow
sans the hues

I am still the food
sans the taste

I am still the night
sans its darkness

I am still the day
sans its glory

I am still the stars
sans its twinkle

I am still the moon
sans its eclipse

I am still the sun
sans its radiance

I am still the bird
 sans its chirps

I am still the song
sans the melodies

I am still me
sans YOU

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sweet nothings
I have been
glued to my sofa
for hours on end now
my eyes weary
still gazes at the screen
my fingers numb
pecks the letters
I dillydally
I  murmur
my  sweet nothings

distanced by realities
and dissociated by veils
I have known you
understood you
felt you near
and felt your feelings too
seen your happiness
and your smiles
even your  wrath at times
the vastness of your thoughts
the verbosity of your expression
the verity of your affections
the warmth of your heart
and the depth of your love
all through your  words
that transports me
to some unknown realms
of  magical dreams
Shall I call it
a paradise of love?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good night
you declared
in the midst of our tete a tete
that you needed
to retire for the night
and you bade me
good night

I wished that you stayed
a little longer
that we prolonged
we nattered
and whispered
our  sweet nothings
for some more time
but you have errands to run
and tasks to be done
you had to rise early
I could not ask you to stay
I bid you good night
my heart was unwilling

Sleep eludes me now
thoughts keep me awake
the night is still young
and I am all alone
the songs carry on
I stare
into the dark night
darkness engulfs me
my thoughts wander
my life is paused
have I lost the moment?

Never mind
i comfort myself
I will look ahead
for a better tomorrow
to relive our sweet nothings
I say my prayers
I lie down
close my eyes
my thoughts  still wander
I count the sheep
I toss and turn

Friday, December 3, 2010

Museless musings

No ponderings off late
Life is quite slow in its gait

No hues I see in the rainbow
Life is sans its aesthetic  glow

No charm I behold  in the heavenly realms
Nor grandeur in the gentle rippling streams

No meanings in the twists of the life’s tale
Nor serenity in the soft blowing gale

No blend of lyrical chords to sing
No flights of fantasy on its wing

No melody in the nightingale’s song
No making out what is right and wrong

No thoughts can I weave into verse
Huh, the burden of these muse less curse

My inner musings are dolefully down
My mood mutated from frolic to frown

Huh, is the poet within  me dead?
Have we our goodbyes aptly said?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Broken dreams
Cigarette buds
empty bottles of booze
and broken dreams lie strewn
Here, there, everywhere
Like the fallen wintry leaves
Discarded, forgotten forever

Why hit the bottle?
Why puff away the life?
Why tune some unsung songs?
I don’t know, I own no riposte
I was customized to life’s proclivities
even before realization dawned on me

Lending ears to the fading songs of a wind chime
I chased the rainbows in a mirage
Never realizing that peace was a fugitive indeed
I fell in love with a silhouette on the horizon
I nurtured these fragile oblivious dreams
only to let it slither, only to let it fall apart