Friday, April 29, 2011

tangled life

Life is like a spider
lodged in the coils
of its web
often hanging high
often dangling low
even so
held  captive
in the tangles of the coils
A hostage
with beautiful dreams
but harsher realities
the rainbow beyond grasp
cant break the coils
till life breaks itself totally

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lonely tree

the lonely tree at dusk captured at Bhur, Gelephu by zaypa

Ah, there stands the lonely tree
autumn has ripped it bare
of the spring's rich attire
solitary in the wintry dusk
gazing at the cold engulfing night
forsaken by the parting sun
retreating beyond the skyline
only the clouds tear in mockery
and yet the lonely tree stands tall
silhouetted against the horizon
It puts the cold night to shame
Only to warm this fallen heart

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Footprints in the sands of time
The silken scarf,
in auspicious shades
proffers down the golden throne,
to adorn you the honours
of blessed glory
and noble recognition
of a job well done.

Standing out amidst the odds;
You sailed against the tides.
With immeasurable wisdom and experience,
in unwavering self less service,
Your confidence ever soared.
Even the occasional storm
could not sweep you off your feet.
You captained the ship,
to accomplish the aspirations
of the noble visions of GNH,
towards the subjugation of crime
dispensing the fragrance of peace.
You are the saving grace
from public antipathy
to bonds of partnership.

For the welfare of your men,
You touched every nook,
Your own comfort came last.
Nothing tires you down
You are indeed a workaholic.

You brought home the bacon,
You deserve the laurels.
What else could we ask for?
Your success is our pride.

In bonds of eternal camaraderie,
your men cherish your success,
On this joyous occasion,
in respect and sublime bliss,
with profound felicitations,
All ranks salute you,
Trashi Delek,  Dear Sir.

May you ever rise so high,
Think hence ever so vast,
Lead us ever so forth;
Your retinues are at your heels.
You are our guiding star,
The torch to light our path,
Lead us on, oh My Chief,
and leave footprints in the sand of time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

soldier story

Image source:
All women are my mothers
sisters and daughters
all men, my fathers
brothers and sons
humanity is not my enemy
I am not the Beelzebub
I do not kill the ones I hate
I protect the ones I love
I am just bound in my solemn oath
to get going when going gets tough
I live by sheer chance
I love by choice 
and i kill by profession
for I am a soldier
I will sacrifice my todays
for your tomorrows 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Empty lines
are sans answers,
have no questions
truth defies everything
how can
one read between the lines
when the lines are empty

Friday, April 15, 2011


You came
through the clouds
your smile
dispelled  the darkness
you said the words
i longed to hear
since ages
you led me by my hands
and i tagged along
ever so happily
bereft of the hustle
and the bustle
we danced in the clouds
the moon smiled on us
the earth far below
there was only us
you embraced me
and planted
a tender kiss 
on my cheek
i was almost melting 
in your arms
when I woke up
from my slumber
What a dream it was
Ah! Dreams are indeed 
sweeter than realities

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Read my silence

photo by eqqman via flickr

You presume
what I tell you
is not at all true
you mistrust
almost anything
that finds voice
on my lips
so what shall I tell you
and how do I do it
draw your lines
know its depth
read my mind
or my silence