Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bon voyage

Walk the paths I have trodden
I have tested it only for you
Tread on the paths with softened care
Roses and thorns lie strewn everywhere
Fear not to tread on the impaling thorns
Nor be happy to step on the tempting roses
Learn to stride all paths just the same
Indifferent to happiness and sadness

Be not fatigued by the voyage run
Nor be weary of the steps yet ahead
Cherish the life’s race in humble stride
And look back in candid thankfulness
For its just once to run the life’s race
With the choice of two roads to take
Do not falter in the choices you make
You cannot undo the journey done

Grapple the storms mired to stall your way
Stand up to temptations leading you astray
Tread on with the eloquence of a flowing river
for the cherry blossoms of the happy ending sail
The reflections of your emblazoned dreams
shall render me the endless reasons to smile
to grace your footprints in the sands of time
Bon voyage, my sons, may you tread on my dreams well

Friday, February 25, 2011

The unsung melody
I met your friend the other day
She reminded me about us all the way
She had so much about you to say
So much about my letters making your everyday
And the cherished moments of yesterday
When there was  happiness in every way
But somehow, somewhere along the way
Your faith and mine too started to sway
and our relationship somehow gave its way
and we drifted apart and sailed faraway
Now often when on my couch I lay
It strikes me if I could once again replay
those wonderful moments of yesterday
and make it happen yet another  day
But alas! what remains there for me to say
You have yours and I have found my way
and together we cannot bind our stay
No matter how much i might pray
There never will come that day
You have your family you can't betray
and I've my love, I can't go astray
Love is a game for two to play
but undestined, Destiny just took it away
yet while it lasted, it was good any way

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alone again

She came
as promised
she called
as she stood
at the gate
inviting me
into her arms

I showed myself
from a distance
She signaled
an invitation
But I couldn’t go

She stood there
unable to understand me
and my intentions
for my calling
and the failing

I waved her a bye
and left her
standing still
and now I am
all alone