Friday, May 27, 2011

a son's question

My son walked up to me
this morning over breakfast
and innocently quizzed me
with an spontaneous question
I brushed it off momentarily
Should I say it was silly?
He turned and walked away
and got into his infantile plays
It did not matter to him
that he did not get an answer
But somehow
the question kept ringing in me
over and over again
only to reveal a deeper depth
in a seemingly childish question
and when I contemplated an answer
I realized, I did not have one

Monday, May 23, 2011


Don't tug at my friendship
It’s like a rope
Strong yet tender
It can snap
If yanked

Don't play with my dreams
It’s like an egg
Playful yet delicate
It can break
If not cared

Don't bungle up my hopes
It’s like a glass
Crystal yet fragile
It can shatter
If mishandled

Don't cheat on my trust
It’s like a rainbow
Beautiful yet elusive
It can fade
If hoodwinked

Don't disturb my faith
It’s like a cloud
Clear yet dense
In can engulf
If perturbed

Don't break my heart
I don’t know it is like
But it’s so tender and fragile
That if it breaks
I would be no more

Friday, May 20, 2011

A recipe

Till one's mind like a land
Lay beds of proper mood
Sow seeds of desired success
Let some goodness grow

Nurtute it with determination
Prune boughs of jealousy
Uproot ill feelings like weeds
let no negative influence impair it

Spray doses of humour at times
Aspire heavenly blessings like rain
Let unity spread its recoiling roots
all through for a good harvest

Monday, May 16, 2011

a winged guest

A sparrow came flying
as I idled my hours at home
and rested on my window sill
and warbled a sweet unknown song
Did it mean to tell me something?
or was it just a warble for me?
I couldn’t comprehend the tweet
Albeit it was euphonious to catch
Thanks, little feathered guest
for the melodious chirps
that brightened my momentary being
What best than to live the moment

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A human soul not a doll

Let me tell you, my friend, this is life
to be lived in happiness, not in strife
Life isn’t without its ups and downs
but can’t we just rub out the frowns
Smoldering with hatred on the brow
with a sweetly twinkling reassuring glow
Things should be perfectly alright
So long you trust the other and not fight
You don’t really win a war by fighting
nor enhance a relationship by slighting
Cherish the intricacies of a matrimonial bliss
not radicalize your bonds to go amiss
Human trust cannot be mended once broken
Don’t aspire to eat the fruits that’s forbidden
Strive not to kill two birds with a stone
The infidelities, no one can ever condone
Beware! Handle with care, it’s a human soul
You are not playing with a lifeless doll

This one came out after a friend of mine cheated on his better half  and their marriage got on the rocks. Hope it patches up soon

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The path I walk
This path I walk
every day of my life
Familiar winds blow
Fallen leaves rustle
Swerving trees
greet me
Every day as usual
And a rose bloom

The blooming rose
glorifies my life
glitters my path
in bonded familiarity
and curious beauty
I trot this path
ever hence
in happiness 
and contentment

but now, gradually
the rose is wilting
day by day fading
the warmth is vanishing 
and coldness spreading
Mystery overwhelms me
as no hearts speak
and no words I hear
My thoughts dwindle
Will it vanish totally some day?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fading Whispers

Filling the voids of the empty mind
Avoiding the fleeting realities
Dabbled in some unborn thoughts
Images are but mirages in a desert
Nagging at the passing intricacies
Gone are my feelings with the winds
When emotions vent out from within
Hunting for a magical wand of words
Intoxicates the sweetness of ones being
Searching for smiles in unsure frowns
Partaking the touches of a forsaken heart
Evading the saturated pukes of mockery
Rainbows appear only to disappear
Sweet are the songs of a fading whisper

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A night of snow fall in Thimphu

image credit: self
Sun long gone
Street lamps are up at task
Night is unusually dark
and its brutally cold
Heaven has opened it mouth
and wafers down the softened jingles
Wow, it falls down in soft flakes
like dandelions in the air
I retire to bed in heavenly bliss
and dream myself in heaven
I wake up brightened
and I see the specks settled
I contemplate my musings

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Broken dreams again
My dreams
are broken
Pieces of shells
so sharp and cutting
lie strewn
in murky emotions
of a ruined  heart
My plundered thoughts
lie submerged
in an ocean of tears
the rainbow has vanished
without a  trace
Don’t gather the pieces
of my broken dreams
unfriendly and sharp
It might slash you as well

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lonely chair
Won’t you come
sit on the chair
by my side
The chair had been
lying empty for so long
silence is singing its song
Come let’s share a chair
at least for a while
for we cannot share a journey
Help me subdue my thoughts
taking flight to obscure horizons

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a poem

image credit: self
with feelings
heart aches
ebbing dreams
of a fragile heart
deep within
for reasons
far and wide
My partake
of sunshine
rain and winds,
and even the fall
all familiar
yet distant
yet far
I don’t know
what illusive realities
and confused feelings
are all about
only this poem
takes shape
and even poems
are less poetic
at times

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

At your heels

I am at your heels
making all efforts
to catch you up
to keep my pace
in tandem with you

I need not trudge
if only you turn back
wait for me
and take me along

Won't you do so
Shall i keep trudging?